OMG, It’s Wednesday / In Summer 2016

Hi guys! Aah! I’m out of school. Yesterday, I officially finished my freshman year of high school! The year went by so fast, and I can’t believe that I’m a sophomore now!

Anyway, life update aside, let’s get back to the blog. Today’s the first Wednesday of summer for me, so you know what that means: the In Summer series relaunches today! If you’ve been following my blog since its debut two years ago or its return last year, then you already know what this series is about. If you are new to my blog, then you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. The In Summer series is a series that I created where I write summer-themed blog posts every Wednesday throughout the summer. I say this every year, but this year I am going to try really hard to actually post every Wednesday.

Now that you know what the In Summer series is all about, let’s kick off the first post! I thought that it would be appropriate to start the summer off by making a Summer 2016 Bucketlist. My sister and I sat down and made a list of some things that we want to do by the end of the summer so that when we are bored we have an activity to do and so we don’t waste our whole summer sitting on the couch.

Your Summer Bucketlist doesn’t have to be very long; just list a few things that you want to do to get started. You can always come back and add to it later. My Bucketlist is as follows:

  1. Learn How to Ride A Bike (Embarrassing, I know, but I never wanted to learn how to ride one without training wheels before now. This year, I want to learn how because I think it’s an important skill to have.)
  2. Go Kayaking – I did this once in Hawaii, and it was super fun so hopefully we can go sometime this summer.
  3. Learn About Videography
  4. Make A Movie – I’m hoping to use my newfound videography skills to make a short film about our upcoming Disney trip. We’ll see how that goes…
  5. Practice Yoga
  6. Go Swimming
  7. Blog More!

See? Your list doesn’t have to be suuuuper long. Mine is just enough to get me started on some ideas of things to do. Share your Summer Bucketlist with me by writing them in the comments below please; I’d love to read them! I hope that this was a good kick off for the In Summer series and a good way for you to start your summer!

Hopefully I’ll talk to you soon. Be sure to tune in next Wednesday for part two of In Summer 2016!



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