My Clockwork Castle

My Clockwork Castle? What’s that? Oh, you know, just the best jewelry shop ever! I entered Kirsty’s (the owner of My Clockwork Castle) giveaway on Instagram a few weeks ago, where each contestant had to prove to her why they’re her shop’s biggest fan. For the giveaway, I sent in a picture of cookies I made for her and a little fan sign. Well, I came in as a runner up, & she was kind enough to offer all of the runner ups a “You’re Late For Tea” Alice in Wonderland-inspired necklace (see below)! I was also presented with a discount for two pounds off any piece of jewelry (all of the jewelry is made in England). With my discount, I purchased a “Bejewelled Circular Steampunk Ring” which I absolutely adore (see below). My package arrived on Tuesday, and I was thrilled when I saw a package on the porch marked “costume jewellery” when I came home from school. I screamed (with excitement because I’d been dying for it to arrive) and I opened the package as soon as I got inside. Inside, I found a little box (see below) and an envelope. I opened the box to find my beautiful ring and I put it on right away… it fits perfectly. Then, I proceeded to the envelope. I know that you should always open the card first, but I was too excited. 🙂 The envelope was very nicely decorated and I opened it very carefully as to not mess up any of the decorations. Inside, I found a lovely handwritten note and the necklace (see below). I would just like to give a personal shoutout to Kirsty for being such a wonderful person and sending such amazing pieces. I will list links to her website and blog below, following the pictures of my jewelry. Thank you very much Kirsty, I love everything!

Lots of love, xx Yael





 Kirsty’s shop website

Her Blog

3 thoughts on “My Clockwork Castle

  1. justsunshineandblueskies says:

    Lovely review Yael! I’m going to feature it on my instagram 🙂

    Kirsty (My Clockwork Castle)

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