Back To Reality

Hi guys! I was on a surprise Disney trip last Thursday to now, so that’s why I haven’t been blogging! (I’m a bit anti-social media while traveling, I always just don’t check it!)

Anyway, Disney blogs with pictures will come throughout the week, starting with Day 1 as one post, Day 2 as another, etc.

Back to Reality! I am unfortunately stuck at the airport right now with a messed up-2-hour-delayed flight, so I figured why not blog… And I missed Motivation Monday 😕 It was brand-new and it was to get you guys motivated for the week & to motivate me to blog for you, sorry. Like I said, I unplug when I travel 😊 So, here’s your Motivation Monday but on Tuesday this week!


Oh, Etsy. You show me the cutest things.



Teen Vogue. Lorde’s “prescribed ideals of how girls should look are over” quote is amazing, job well done.



Thank you for a lovely quote!

And there you have it folks! 2nd Motivation Monday is complete, talk to you soon!

xx, Yael

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