Motivation Monday

Because I missed last week’s MM, it was my sister’s birthday after all (you should check that out, it took me days to get all of the pictures together), I have doubled-up on Motivation for today. Throughout the week I’ve gathered twenty-five, yes twenty-five, Motivational items/quotes/sayings/photos/whatever you’d like to call them.

But because I don’t want your brain to explode with “too many” happy thoughts all at once, I’ll just give you half for now & save the rest for next week.

And now, on with the *show.

*Please note that some of the quotes are for Maya Angelou because of her passing last week 😦 , & the The Fault in Our Stars thing was meant for last week, so if that bothers you, sorry, but it had to be done.


Via Google, I’d heard this quote before & I love it so much, so I searched for an image of this quote for you 🙂


-Maya Angelou, Image via Google


Via @dcp1006 on Instagram


Via Twitter


Via @abentpieceofwire on Instagram


Via @victoriasummer on Instagram


Via @katyfletcherdesigns on Instagram


Via the “Explore” tab on Instagram


Via @pfpicardi on Instagram

That’s all for this week, see you next time!



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