Disney Day 1 // June 28

On June 27, I finally arrived in Walt Disney World after 15.5 hours in the car. We weren’t staying on property this time because we were staying with our family, & we made it to their house just after 9 pm. We hit the hay ASAP after getting settled because we were soooooo tired from the drive.

When we woke up on June 28, we had breakfast with everyone & properly said hello.

We kind of lounged around for a bit to get over yesterday’s drive. Waiting was killing me. When we travel, I always want to go do something. Usually, from the second we arrive in Disney to the last second possible, we are in the parks. It was nice spending time with everyone, but they all knew I was dying to go somewhere.

It was about 2 pm when we got ourselves together & decided to go to Downtown Disney. I grabbed my tiara I packed (from the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique when I was 8), packed my purse, & ran out the door. (See tiara picture below, in which I’m having an issue with my shirt sleeves, so don’t judge.)

We hit the road & were there in about 15 minutes. We all freaked out driving under the Walt Disney World gate & took a bunch of pictures of course 😉 We got into Downtown Disney, & walked over to the new store !! The new store is called Marketplace Co-Op, featuring about 6 different shops divided up in the building. It was so cool & I loved their chandelier (see below). The chandelier is made entirely of ladders, pots, pans, scales, & lanterns.

After that, we walked over to Goofy’s Candy Co. I watched them make a few Mickey Rice Krispie Treats, & dip a few pretzels while my sister bought a Goofy’s Glacier, then we went to the World of Disney.

My favorite part of the World of Disney store is the Villains in Vogue section. It’s decorated for the Disney villains, & they’re incorporated all over the area. Maleficent is featured on one wall, next to her is the Evil Queen, Captain Hook & the Hag claimed the wall behind the registers, & Ursula has the eastern wall. I should probably mention that Villains in Vogue is mainly jewelry-focused, & they sell the Disney Alex & Ani bracelets (I’m obsessed with these bangles, expect a post on them to come soon). Anyway, the back wall, with the jewelry/watch cases is a tribute to a few villains. There are two picture frames on the wall that hold portraits of the villains… and the portraits change. On the left is the ladies, Maleficent & then Cruella, and on the right is the guys, Captain Hook & Jafar (I’m having second thoughts: Captain Hook might be Hades, I’ll check on that).

I had a really fun time, I could spend forever in that store though… the jewelry is just so cool. Alex & Ani Disney is my life. 😉

After that, we went back to the house where my sister & I went swimming. It was a lot of fun, I think we swam for two hours! Before we knew it, it was 7:00, so we went inside, I took a shower, then I ate a brownie with ice cream on it before I went to bed. The perfect end to the perfect day.

Enjoy the pictures below, & I’ll talk to you soon!



The chandelier at Marketplace Co-Op.


Mickey & Minnie


Maleficent @ Villains in Vogue

“The Downtown Disney balloon!”


We also made a quick stop at the Vinylmation store but they didn’t have any of these 😦

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