January Favorites

For today’s post, I decided I’d talk about my “January Favorites,” or just a few things that I really liked in January. I wasn’t really sure which items to feature, so I just picked a few that really stuck out to me. I hope you like this post, & let me know about one of your Favorites in the comments! Let’s get started!


Music – Louisa Wendorff
As far as music goes this month, I’m in the same boat as Taylor Swift.
I discovered Louisa Wendorff after Taylor tweeted this:


I watched Louisa’s video mid-January and fell in love. The whole collaboration was so great, & her voice was killer. You know how the story goes after that. Basically I listened to the song everyday (watched it in this case as it’s only on YouTube at the moment) & watched the rest of her YouTube videos, listened to her EP on iTunes, and finally followed her on social media. I’m a huge Louisa fan now, and I can’t wait to see where she goes.

Books – All Fall Down

All Fall Down is the latest release from my favorite author, Ally Carter. The first book in her new series, Embassy Row. I’ve been waiting for this to come out for over a year, so you can imagine my excitement when the book was available. As you know, I love Ally’s writing. You may or may not know that I have all of her books signed (yes, I’m that girl). Anyway, you also should know that I’ve got the coolest mom on the planet. So, my mom follows along with Ally updates via her blog/social media because she knows how much I like her. When she found out that Ally was selling signed books through major book stores, she secretly ordered one for me. The other day when I got home from school, I had a package waiting for me. I opened it up, and there it was!


I was so happy and it was a really great surprise – Thank you, Mom! I’ve been reading it any chance I get, and I definitely recommend it!

Nail Art – Jamberry Nail Wraps

This past November, my aunt introduced me to Jamberry Nail Wraps. Basically, they’re adhesive nail wraps that come in a million designs – and are super addicting. I tried the Confused Canvas wraps in November, then one of the holiday designs in December. Right now I’m wearing the Tight Knit wraps (you can see them in the book picture above and in the photo below). I love them because they stay on for about 3 weeks, & the ones I’ve got on now have been on for nearly a month. They’re really nice because they stay on, look cute, and you don’t have to worry about taking the time (and effort) for painting your nails. It usually takes me a minimum of an hour to paint my nails & then they chip 2 days later, but it only takes me 20 minutes-ish to apply Jamberry wraps that stay on for so long… you can see why I’ve preferred the wraps to painting my nails 😉


I hope you liked the first post from the Favorites series! Don’t forget to check back for my February favorites at the end of the month!



2 thoughts on “January Favorites

  1. Jude aka Marla McGillicoty (or however you spell it!) says:

    Hi Yael – Great idea to post January favorites…..I never heard of the nail wraps….super cool! I did get to see the Minnie jacket first hand in Florida so I think that has my number 1 vote. As for me, my January favorite is my full length Land’s End winter coat that is guaranteed to keep me warm in minus 35 degree weather! We are up to our ears in snow in Rhode Island. Boring pick? Yes, but still my January favorite!

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