Delayed Days 

Hey guys! After an early dismissal last Friday, snow days on Monday & Tuesday, and delays Wednesday & Thursday, we had another delay again today! I don’t mind, though. I like delays because that means 2 extra hours of sleep for me. 

I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I’ve been really busy with my schoolwork. Do you remember when I told you about how I was writing a research paper for science class a few weeks ago? Well that paper is for the science fair, which is tomorrow! I just got my paper back on Wednesday to revise before the science fair. I got a 100% as my preliminary grade for the whole project, and I just had to make my display board for the fair. I made a few corrections to my paper yesterday, and I finished my board today! I’m so glad that the science fair is tomorrow. I just have to take my display board into school tomorrow before the fair. On Sunday is the awards ceremony, and after that I’m done with the science fair! I’m so glad that my obligations for that are nearly over. 

I just have to finish writing an essay for English, and then I won’t have much schoolwork to worry about because it’s only the beginning of the second semester. Because I won’t have too much schoolwork I should be able to blog a lot 🙂  I just took the day off yesterday to get my school stuff done. 

I like blogging everyday, even if it’s just updates about my life and not exciting content like travel posts or things like that. I may switch to posting every other day if I need to, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. Right now, this daily schedule is working. 

Everything is good with me except that I’m getting sick again 😦 I was super sick in December – I lost my voice for a few days from coughing so much! I am coughing a lot again now, so I hope it doesn’t come to that again. 

Are you guys doing well? I hope you are, and I hope you are staying warm or are not buried under so much snow like where I live! Let me know what your weather is like and one nice thing that happened to you today in the comments please, I’d love to read what you have to say! 

I’m getting kind of rambly, so I’m going to end the post here. I’ll talk to you guys hopefully tomorrow! 



P. S. I’m thinking of doing monthly favorites, music playlists, and monthly snapshot posts again. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments with your response to the previous question. 

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