Blogidays #3: Holidays in Hollywood!

Hi guys! For today’s Blogidays post, I’m going to be telling you about how the holidays are spent in Hollywood… Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, that is!

We spent the morning at Disney’s Hollywood Studios park. While there, we met Moana, rode Star Tours, rode Toy Story Mania, ate lunch at a new restaurant called PizzeRizzo (previously Pizza Planet), and rode the Tower of Terror (I skipped this one). We also just walked around and looked at some holiday decorations before leaving.

After Hollywood, we went to Disney Springs (previously Downtown Disney). We’ve been to Disney World a few times since Downtown Disney changed to Disney Springs, but we haven’t actually had a chance to visit there, so we went for the first time today. It looks so different now! There are so many more shops and a lot of high-end shops, too. We looked in a few shops, did some shopping at Uniqlo and World of Disney, and picked up free samples of Ghirardelli peppermint bark.

We had a nice time just walking around and exploring to see all of the remodeling and refurbishments. Just before leaving, we went on the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail to look at a bunch of Christmas trees that were themed like Disney films and characters.

After that, we were all tired and hungry, so we stopped for dinner at a Tex-Mex restaurant called “Chuy’s” that was on our way back from Disney Springs. It was so good, and I highly recommend it if you have the chance to try it!

Now I’m ready to crash because I’m so tired, so I’ll talk to you tomorrow! Tomorrow I’ll also try to add the photos for today’s and yesterday’s posts. Check back for Blogidays #4, where I’ll let you know if I did get to add the photos. Goodnight guys!



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