Disney Day 3 // June 30

Oh, Magic Kingdom. You’ll always be my favorite place.

On our way over to MK, we realized that this was the longest we’d been in Disney World, but hadn’t been in the parks. Usually, we arrive, drop our stuff at the hotel, & hit the parks ASAP. That’s okay though, it was kind of fun to mix it up a little.

We took the Monorail in, & I started crying when I saw the Castle… yes I cried. I’m a bit in love with Disney 😉

Then, my mom & I got our picture with the Main Street Train Station, then we went in!

I was home.

Walking down Main Street, USA was so magical, & a perfect for taking pictures of Cinderella Castle.

There was some time before our first FastPass, so we set out to save the Magic Kingdom from Hades & the villains as we played Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Between Portals I was able to take a picture of my Disney nails, & then we were off again, running all over Adventureland! After that, we ran over to meet Merida, who was so sweet, she was just perfect.

Then it was time. We rode the MINE TRAIN. AAAAAAhhhhhhh! It was so much fun, & so so cool to finally ride it after have seen it being built for the last four trips or so.

The rest of the day was lots of fun. We met Princess Tiana AND Prince Naveen, went to the Laugh Floor, rode Pirates of the Caribbean, went on Splash Mountain (two times in a row), & let me just say we were pretty wet afterwards. There were also a few mini-adventures throughout the day- baby ducks, my finding a Hidden Mickey at the Storybook Circus, a churro, it was a pretty successful day.

Then it was time for our third FastPass, the thing we’d been waiting for all day…

We met Anna & Elsa! I got my own picture with Elsa & everything 😀 Anna & my sister told my sister they were twins, while Elsa & I talked about her shoes, how she’s trying to figure out how to cool down the weather at the parks, & how Olaf was doing. Both girls were super nice & told us how they couldn’t wait for us to return to Arendelle. ❤

It was a fantastic day, & I couldn’t stop thinking about it on the monorail home.

Then came the end to a magical day at the Magic Kingdom.















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