Disney Day 4 // July 1

Today was our Hollywood Day. There wasn’t too much going on… Except Siri, who was supposed to be helping us find our way to Hollywood Studios, was taking us to Universal Studios. So we had to turn around & drive back, almost missing our Star Tours FastPass, but we made it in time.

After our morning excitement, we ate Mickey pretzels, rode Toy Story Mania (I got my best score ever & got the 2nd best score in the family, high five!), & some of us rode the Rockin’ Rollercoaster (heh, not me…).

Then we decided to hit Epcot since it was Canada Day. I hadn’t really been up in the Canada Pavilion for a few trips so I was looking forward to that & was thinking about what it’d be like as we took a boat over to Epcot.

We entered Epcot through the International Gateway & went right over to the UK where we had fish & chips for lunch. The ‘newspaper’ under my chips even told me it was “A jolly fine day!” The fish & chips are one of my favorite things about the pavilion, & they’re always soooo delicious!

After that we went up to the Canada Pavilion. I really liked just walking through the pavilion & looking at everything, especially the architecture. I went on a trip to Western Canada two years ago, so it was kind of fun to compare what I saw in the pavilion to what I actually saw while I was traveling, since I wasn’t really able to do that in the other Pavilions. My parents let me walk around & take pictures for a little while, then we went into the O Canada Circle Vision Exhibit. I really liked that, too because when it came to Calgary, Victoria, & Vancouver, I kept saying “Hey! I was there! I walked right where those people are!” I know, kind of nerdy, but I thought it was fun.

Happy Belated Canada Day to any Canadian readers, & please know this was meant to be published when it was still Canada Day, so a lot of guests were dressed up. When I was in Canada, we were in Victoria for Canada Day, & we were right by the Parliament building to watch the fireworks, so while we were there, a lot of people were decorated with face paint, flags, & beads- they got very in spirit for the holiday. I loved watching everyone when I was there, all dressed up, so seeing that in Epcot brought back some memories. 🙂

After we left Canada, we walked back to the dock, where we took a boat back to Hollywood Studios. Once we’d arrived in Hollywood, we walked back to our car & drove home for dinner. I went to bed early to be able to get up & leave early for an exciting morning the next day.

















One thought on “Disney Day 4 // July 1

  1. Sam Betz says:

    Hi Yael,
    I actually went to Victoria Island and Vancouver before! I think I went to Vancouver twice and Victoria once. On one of our trips, we were in Vancouver on Canada Day (which is also my dad’s birthday)! The festival was exactly like you described it!

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