7.28.14 will always be a day to remember. The AERONOW launch party was so much fun, & I wish I could go back & do it again.

If you don’t know, Aeropostale launched their new campaign, #AERONOW, on 7.28.14, featuring new lines from their collection, guest collections, & Bethany Mota’s fall line.

I’d been to my local Aero store a few days before, & I was put on the guest list for the launch party. (!)

I was so excited, I had no idea what we’d be doing, what to wear, or anything like that but I couldn’t wait.

I texted my friend & asked her if she knew anything about it & if she wanted to go with me, & she said that yes, she would be going so she could pick me up.

We were both really excited. I kept thinking, “Oh my gosh, I was invited to a launch party, that’s so cool! what do I wear? what are we going to be doing? is this an exclusive event?” & a million other things in the few days before the launch party.

Anyway, Aero sent me a text that read: You’re on the guest list. 7/28. 4 PM. In Stores. Be there for the reveal. You’ve changed, so we’ve changed.”

Three days before the party left me with time to think about what I wanted to wear. I pulled a few pieces from my closet, tried them on, & I still didn’t know what would be good for something like this, after all, it was going to be my first launch party, I thought. I have to look nice, right?

Then it arrived. 7.28.14. I was beyond excited.

A few hours before, I started getting ready. I did my makeup, which I hardly ever do, but instead of just mascara like I usually do, I tried a natural eyeshadow but with a little shimmer to it. I tried on three more outfits, & finally settled on a skater skirt ensemble, which ended up being perfect. I did my hair, I’d had it braided all day so it would be wavy for the event, so I unbraided my hair & it was really wavy, then I put it into a ponytail.

Then my friend picked me, & we were off to Aero!

When we got there, we found out that the launch party was for two hours of shopping the new lines, & only people on the guest list were able to be there during those two hours, which made us think “Whoa, we’re cool.” 😉

Upon arrival, we were checked in, given gift cards, coupons, free cups, & then we were left to shop.

I bought a few pieces from Bethany’s new line, plus a few pieces from the new Aero line.

I really liked Bethany’s new Fall line, & I loved the smell of her new fragrance, “Xoxo, Beth.”

I bought my first day of school outfit while we were there: a tartan print skirt & a shirt that says “Say Cheese” on it, both from Bethany’s line, + a flower crown. From the new Aero-in-general line, I bought a comfy soft grey cardigan & watermelon-print headband.

I loved the launch party, & I had so much fun! Here’s a photo of the things I bought!




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