Party Games

Hi again! I hope you all are enjoying the “party” so far! There seems to be a good reaction to the new decorations 😉

Let’s get right into the party games.


The first game we’re going to play is trivia. I’m going to write a few questions relating to my blog & you guys answer them in the comments! The first person to answer all of them correctly wins. Good luck!

  • Question 1: How many guest posts have been published on my blog?
  • Question 2: Which month did I publish the most posts? How many posts were published in that month?
  • Question 3: What was the name of the blogger I interviewed earlier this month?
  • Question 4: What’s my blog’s motto as stated on the About page?
  • Question 5: (Opinion Question) What’s your favorite post on my blog?

That’s all for the Trivia! Don’t forget to answer each question in the comments below.

Hi My Name Is…

For the second game I decided I wanted to get to know you guys a little better. Write three facts about yourself in the comments below + why you started your blog (& if you don’t write one, include why you started following my blog or what your blog would be about). I’ll read through the answers & feature some of them in an upcoming post!

PS – You can include your answers for this with your Trivia answers!

Thanks for playing with me guys! The festivities aren’t over yet, we’ll have one last hurrah before the day is out!



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