Mary Kay Party

Hi! Today has been a LOT of fun so far & I really want to tell you about it. Around 11 this morning, my cousin called. She is a Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics, and she’d been asking if my sister, mom, & I were up to having a Mary Kay party. She called us to ask if we could do the party this morning, and we said we’d be there around 11. I picked out a comfortable but warm outfit since it was kind of chilly, threw on my coat, and we were out the door. My cousin looked very professional – a nice skirt and sweater, complete with an engraved name tag. We walked into the next room and found intricate, dainty display of products before us, complete with pens topped with flowers and stand-up mirrors with cosmetic trays. We got started, and it was just like an actual consultation, very business-like. We were asked to pick one side of our face to try the products on to compare the effect to the other side of our face, which had not gone through the treatments. I tried a facial moisturizer, cleanser, and a scrub, all from the Botanical line. I have to say that they were very soft & soothing on my skin. When we compared one side of our faces to the other, I noticed that the side I used products on compared to my usual routine side was softer, and the skin was more nourished.

Following that, my cousin had picked out different lip colors, eye shadows, and blushes to try based on our complexions. I tried the lip color in “Pink Luster,” a subtle but glossy pink, the mineral blush in the shade “Strawberry Cream,” also a subtle pink tint, and finally the eye colors in “Crystalline” and “Honeyspice,” a white and a tan which blended together to make a nice natural look.

I ended up building a custom palette with the eye colors “Chocolate Kiss” , “Honeyspice” , and “Lavender Fog. I finished off my palette with the blush in “Strawberry Cream,” and I also bought the lip color in “Pink Luster.” My sister also gave me an eyeliner in “Dark Denim,” which should be a nice color blast to add to my regime.

I hope you liked reading about my trying different products, and I think they’re a nice start to people who don’t really use makeup that often. I don’t, so I picked more natural items that are subtle, but still make me feel nice when I put them on. If you want to look into Mary Kay products or have a Mary Kay party like we did, visit .




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