Mary Kay, A Month Later

Hi guys! You might remember my post from October 11 when I talked about the Mary Kay party I went to. I talked about everything we did, and what products I used, what products I bought… And I thought that maybe I should report back on how they’re working for me now, a few weeks later.

I mentioned the products I’d purchased, but I forgot to mention that some were on-hand, and some were not. Some, like my Lavender Fog and Honeyspice eye shadows, had to be shipped in. I received those on October 23rd, and I’ve been trying to use them different ways since then. When I have some extra time before school when I’m getting ready, I grab my Mary Kay compact and put on some eye shadow. Usually I go for a natural look, using Honeyspice as a base and I use some other neutral colors with it, then I add a bit of Lavender Fog as a highlight color. Lately, I’ve just been using Honeyspice, applying a bit of Lavender Fog on top, and then I blend it together for a shiny but discreet polished look. I also found this Compact VERY effective for school picture day, as it was very easy to place in my bag and pull out for touch-ups just before pictures were actually taken.

I highly recommend checking out Mary Kay products for yourself if you’re looking to add new products into your routine. They could also make a great Holiday gift (for you or friends & family!) – just check out the main page of for suggestions!

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon!



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