Disney Days – Day 2

I woke up to an ostrich outside my window. I went out to the balcony just as the Sunshine Savanna was waking up, and it was beautiful. IMG_1751

After everyone has woken up, we got ready for breakfast and walked over to the main building of the Animal Kingdom Lodge for breakfast at Boma. Boma is a buffet restaurant with some traditional African foods and other Disney foods. For breakfast I had a Simba waffle, some fruit, a muffin, & a donut. I only eat this much in Disney! 😉  Here, I arranged my food into a Mickey shape:


After breakfast, we walked back over to Kidani Village and started to pack up our things since we switched resorts today. (We switched because we came a day early so we could stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge but our reservation for the rest of the trip is at Saratoga Springs.) I loved it here, and I’ll really miss it, but we’ll definitely be back!


Our next stop was the RunDisney Expo. I forgot to tell you guys: we’re doing the 10K and my parents are running the marathon here for Race Weekend! I’m really excited and nervous but it’s going to be really fun 🙂 We arrived at the Wide World of Sports around 11:30 and went to pick up our race day packets and bibs. Our family from that we met up with last night was volunteering there as well so we got to see them again.



I was glad to get out of the crazy Expo crowd and continue our day at Animal Kingdom. Our Aunt flew down to Florida and is going to be staying with us for a couple of days, so we met her at Animal Kingdom. Some of the Christmas decorations are still up to, so we saw the park’s giant Christmas tree.



We walked around for a bit, did our FastPasses, and became Wilderness Explorers. We were given guidebooks and had different activities to complete around the park to earn our badges.



We always do the safari when we come here, and this time we were really lucky. A lot of the animals were out and very close to us so I got some great photos. My favorite thing was when the giraffe came right up to the back of our safari car, since I was able to get up-close pictures because we were in the back row. And the elephants – they’re one of my favorite animals so I loved them being out today as well. If you look really hard in the photo of the lion, then you’ll see she’s licking her nose. In the bridge picture, look underneath the bridge to find the Nile crocodiles. I also added in my photo of the black rhino that we saw today, plus a photo of the grasslands and the flamingos.








We went to the Yak & Yeti for some Asian cuisine for dinner,  and then headed to Downtown Disney to end the night. I had a really great day today, and I’m excited for tomorrow: we’re going to Epcot!  Goodnight guys!



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