Music on the Mind – January 2016

My favorite songs and music from last month are here! This month was an odd mix of some old favorites, new discoveries, and songs from a few years ago, but these are the songs I found myself listening to the most in January. I wasn’t sure whether I should write a description of my thoughts on each song or not, so I did for some of them but others I didn’t comment on. There wasn’t really a method to this post… Let me know if it gave you any ideas for your playlist, & please let me know some of your favorite music in the comments for me to check out!

  1. Water Under The Bridge / Adele – This is one of my favorite songs off of 25. I highly recommend this one!
  2. When We Were Young / Adele
  3. Lush Life / Zara Larsson – I discovered Zara Larsson this month and I love her! Definitely check out her music.
  4. London Calling / The Clash – I have loved this song for years and have been lusting for London again because I miss it so much.
  5. Tennis Court / Lorde – This is so 2013, I know.
  6. Skulls / Bastille – Really, really love Bastille. I listen to this song and The Draw on my way to school usually. It suits the dark weather.
  7. The Draw / Bastille
  8. Tenerife Sea / Ed Sheeran – This song is a nice, quiet song that I like to listen to in the mornings when I’m tired. English Rose is a really sweet song.
  9. English Rose / Ed Sheeran
  10. Young Americans / David Bowie – This is one of my favorite Bowie songs. I really love his music, and I was so sad when I heard that he died.
  11. Fame / David Bowie
  12. New Normal / Louisa Wendorff – I love Louisa Wendorff. I’ve written about her music a few times, and I just found myself listening to this song a lot this January.
  13. Treacherous / Taylor Swift
  14. Out of The Woods / Taylor Swift

Thanks for reading, guys! Don’t forget to tell me some of your favorite songs in the comments!



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