Music On The Mind – April 2016

Hey guys! Here is my playlist for my most-listened to music this month. It was a mix of a lot of artists. I have been using Spotify a lot lately to help me find new music, and that’s how I found most of these songs.

  1. Dangerous Woman / Ariana Grande
  2. These Streets / Bastille
  3. T-Shirt Weather / Circa Waves
  4. Peach Arizona / Dru Maq – only available on Soundcloud
  5. The Man / Ed Sheeran
  6. Something In The Way You Move / Ellie Goulding
  7. Empty Gold / Halsey
  8.  Roman Holiday / Halsey
  9. Team / Iggy Azalea
  10. The Middle / Jimmy Eat World
  11. Stole The Show / Kygo
  12. The Sound / The 1975
  13. My Disney Playlist on Spotify – it has 50+ Disney songs and I love it!

Let me know some of your favorite songs in the comments! Also, should I link my Spotify playlists for you guys to check out? Let me know when you comment your music recommendations. Thanks for reading, and I’ll talk to you soon!




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