Adventures Abroad – Day 1

Hi guys! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be publishing posts about my vacation to Europe! In case you missed my announcement, be sure to check out my In Transit post that I wrote earlier today.

This is my first Summer Adventure post, and it’s about my first day in Copenhagen. I hope you guys like it!

Day 1: Copenhagen, Denmark

Around 7 pm, our plane landed in Copenhagen. It took about an hour for us to get all of our stuff together and get a taxi to our apartment that we were renting in Nyhavn, one of the neighborhoods in Copenhagen. After we dropped our luggage off at the apartment, we walked down to the canal. The Nyhavn canal is lined with tons of cafes and restaurants, so we ate dinner at a restaurant called Nyhavn C. The restaurant was right by the water and though it was a bit chilly, the view was beautiful. After we ate dinner, we walked down to the end of the canal, got some ice cream, and then walked back to the apartment. Overall, it was a really nice night & I enjoyed exploring the area. I’m excited to see more of Copenhagen tomorrow!

Nyhavn Canal



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