Adventures Abroad – Day 2

Hi guys! On our second day in Copenhagen, we went to Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park in Denmark which holds the world’s oldest operating wooden roller coaster & was Walt Disney’s inspiration for Disneyland (according to my guidebook), so naturally we had to go. I hope you enjoy this post about our day!

After having breakfast at a bakery called the Lackagehuset, we set out for Tivoli Gardens. It was about a 20-minute walk from our apartment in Nyhavn, but the walk was very nice because we walked through most of the city and saw a lot of unique buildings, the canal, & some museums on our way. Finally we arrived in the Tivoli area and went to the gates. We spent the day at Tivoli Gardens riding roller coasters and exploring the theme park, which I enjoyed very much. I loved Tivoli and the architecture there, everything was so beautiful, even when it started to rain. We ate dinner at a pizzeria in the park to get away from the rain and then walked around some more. Then we took one last ride on the world’s oldest operating wooden roller coaster (called The Roller Coaster), and went to the front of the park. Right before we were leaving, the Tivoli Harlequin and Pantomime Theater performers began a show so we stayed to watch. (I’m pretty sure that the performers were called the Pantomime Theater but I’m not 100% sure.) Once the show ended, we said goodbye to Tivoli Gardens and began our walk back to Nyhavn. Soon, we found ourselves back at the Nyhavn Canal. After some more walking up and down the canal & some ice cream, we went back to the apartment and started planning our next day’s adventures. Tomorrow is our big sightseeing day so I’m really looking forward to it!



I hope you enjoyed exploring Copenhagen with me! I’ll try to publish more travel posts over the next few days, & I’ll talk to you soon!



P.S. Do you like having the photos in a bigger size? I used to prefer the look of medium photos but I think the large photos are easier for viewing, especially for travel posts. Please let me know what you think!

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