Adventures Abroad – Day 6

Hey, guys! Hello from Kristiansand, Norway. Today, my family & I ate breakfast at Cabanas -- the buffet-style restaurant aboard the Magic -- then disembarked the ship. From the port, we walked into town and to the Kristiansand marina. While at the marina, we saw this swan! My dad and I were taking photos of it, … Continue reading Adventures Abroad – Day 6

Adventures Abroad – Day 5

Hey guys! This morning, I woke up in Norway. The first port of call of our cruise was Oslo! After breakfast, I hopped off of the ship to explore Akershus Fortress. From Akershus, we just walked into town. Oslo is a very cool city; I love how the buildings are an eclectic mix of contemporary … Continue reading Adventures Abroad – Day 5

In Transit

Hey guys! I just wanted to update you because I'm at the airport in London right now waiting for my flight to Copenhagen!  Surprise! Over the next three weeks, I'll be posting about my vacation in Europe! Below is a brief overview of our trip itinerary: On June 25th, my family flew overnight to London … Continue reading In Transit