Adventures Abroad – Day 4 

Hi guys! Day 4 of our Summer Adventures began in Copenhagen, but eventually led us out to sea!

I woke up with my suitcase being all packed from the night before and got ready for the day ahead. If you don’t remember from my In Transit post a few days ago, I’m going on a Disney Cruise! It’s leaving today from Copenhagen for Norway, Iceland, Scotland, & England. We packed last night so we could be ready to leave after breakfast, since we had to be at the cruise terminal sometime around noon.

We went down to breakfast at the Lackagehuset Bakery around 10 am. My friend Emily met us there for breakfast. She lives in Denmark and I told her I was going there this summer, so we agreed to meet up. Emily & I both ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast and talked for awhile. I’m so glad I got to meet her while I was in Copenhagen!

Around 11:15 we were finished with breakfast and we had to get going, so Emily & I said our goodbyes and we returned to our apartment to collect our luggage. We made sure we had everything  and locked up the flat, then made our way down to the street. We rolled our suitcases down the street, around the corner, and up another street, and soon were in the city center. We got a taxi from there to the cruise terminal, where we arrived around 11:45. We checked our suitcases and made our way into the cruise terminal. While in the cruise terminal, we got our stuff together and figured out what we would be doing once aboard the ship. It was our first cruise, so we didn’t know how much of anything worked. Some nice ladies next to us explained some things for us. Before we knew it, it was finally time to board the ship! Our boarding group was called and we collected our stuff, then got in line to make our way up the gangway. The Disney photographers took each family’s picture before boarding, so we had our picture taken then walked outside. Once outside, we walked toward the gangway and waited in line to board the Magic, which is the ship we would be sailing on. The ship was massive. I included some of the first photos I took of it below. We boarded and were officially passengers on the Disney Magic! We were directed to our rooms by some nice cast members and went down a deck to find them. After taking some things to our rooms, we decided to split up. My parents went to sign us up for some character meet ups, while my sister & I decided to go out and explore the ship and all of the other decks.

We walked around the inside desks then made our way up to deck 9, which had multiple lunch counters and was window enclosed all around. My sister and I stopped at a lunch counter then snagged a table overlooking the city of Copenhagen. From lunch we went up a deck to deck 10, which is the observation deck. It is not enclosed, except for a glass-plated railing all the way around the perimeter. My sister and I went up there and walked around the whole deck, looking at the city around us. Our parents met up with us then, and they were hungry so they went to lunch. My sister & I went with them and then we all went to the Adventures Away Party, which is the sail away party. We got a spot on Deck 10, overlooking the sail away party, and it was the perfect spot. We watched the sail away party and then explored the ship some more.

After that, we went to our first dinner aboard the ship at the Animator’s Palette restaurant, and it was amazing! The restaurant itself is so cool, and the food was delicious. After dinner was over, we went to the Walt Disney Theater to watch the show of the night. There is a different live show/performance every night, and tonight’s show was a Welcome Aboard show. The actors portrayed a family coming onto the Disney Cruise Line for the first time and having the cruise of a lifetime, which I’m sure is definitely what will be us! This is our first cruise, too, so I’m really excited to see what the rest of it will bring since just this first day was so great. The show was really nice, and I’m excited to see what show they have tomorrow. I’m going to bed now after a very fun day, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow from Norway!


img_8001    img_8002
img_8009  img_8013
img_8023  img_8024  img_8012
img_8028  img_8035
img_8030  img_8071




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