Adventures Abroad – Day 3

Hi guys! Today’s post is about my last full day in Copenhagen. Today was our sight-seeing day and we continued to explore more of the city. I hope you enjoy this post and some of Copenhagen’s best sights!

We began our day again at the Lackagehuset bakery (which makes the best cinnamon rolls ever). We took our breakfast to-go so that we could start walking to our first destination of the day: the Little Mermaid. Hans Christian Andersen, the author of the Little Mermaid novel, was Danish, so there is a statue of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen. The site is known as Den Lille Havfrue in Danish, and our guidebook said it was a must-see, so we decided to go.

To get to the Little Mermaid statue, it was about a 20-minute walk from where we were staying in Nyhavn. We walked through a lot of the city to get there, and saw a lot of really cool things on the way. One of my favorite things we walked past was a neighborhood that was made up of rows and rows of yellow houses that were separated by cobblestone streets – it was really nice. We also walked by the city park on our way, and that was filled with lush greenery, trees, a few silver statues, and some ducks. There was also a small pond and a view of a windmill, and the whole setting was just really beautiful. After we walked past the park, we weren’t far off from our destination. We soon made it to the Little Mermaid, and went to see the statue. You could stay on the walking path or walk down a few steps and get closer to the statue. It’s in the water in the bay, and so the stairs bring you to water level. We took a few photos, then continued on the walking path to the Kastellet & Citadel.

The Kastellet is a military fortress in Copenhagen that still houses soldiers/guards in its barracks. The grounds are star-shaped, as you can see in the photo below. Just off tot he left of the inside of the gate is a small building, housing old items such as weapons, uniforms, and portraits from Danish battles. After we went in the museum, we walked past a very long row of barracks and past a library. Soon we found ourselves on a walking path overlooking the Kastellet barracks and Citadel. This path made the star shape around the barracks, as a fortress. There was also an old windmill and some cannons on this path. The cannons faced outward, toward the city, to protect the fortress. I loved the Kastellet, and I learned so much about Danish history.

After we found the exit of the Kastellet, we were brought out to a busy city road. I had the map in hand and was trying to plot our course to Amalienborg Slot, the Queen’s Palace, when a very kind woman came over to us. She hopped off of her bike and came up to us, asking us where we were trying to go. I told her the Amalienborg Slot, and asked her which way we should go to get there. She kindly told us exactly which roads to follow and where to go & turn. We thanked her and followed her directions. Soon we arrived at the Amalienborg Slot. There were guards marching around when we arrived, changing posts. The Amalienborg Slot is a very large palace. There are 4 sections to it. The roads separate one section from another (see picture below), but in the middle of it all is a courtyard (sort of ) with a giant statue of a man riding a horse. The palace is beautiful, and very big! I am so glad that we got to see it. Hopefully the pictures below will better explain to you what I meant about the different sections of the palace.

From the Amalienborg Slot, we decided to go to the Christianborg Slot, which is the Danish Parliament building. We got a little turned around and found ourselves at a building that we saw when we were driving into the city, which our taxi driver had told us was the Stock Trade building. We remembered this then figured out the right way to go, but we stayed at the Stock Trade for a little while. There is some very cool architecture on the spire/tower of the building because it is made to look like four dragons are on it, with their tails wrapped around the top, forming the spire (see photo below). I tried to get some photos, but the lighting was not in my favor so they’re a bit dark, but it’s better than nothing. Right by the Stock Trade is part of the Canal, which was so picturesque with the Canal tour sailing under the bridge below us, so I included a photo of that as well. A few minutes later we made our way to the Parliament building. The Christianborg Slot is so tall. I took a panorama photo, as the building is very wide, but only got the bottom half of the tower in my photo! Oops. Anyway, we walked through the Christianborg Slot, but didn’t go up in the tower because (I think) it was closing soon. There was a courtyard at the back of the building, and also an equestrian area. Luckily I got the whole building in my panorama photos taken from the back of the building, so I included some of those showing the courtyard and different areas.

After that, we were done with our sightseeing. There were some places that we didn’t make it to this trip, but overall we did a really great job with touring the city of Copenhagen. According to my guidebook, that much sightseeing should have taken a whole day, but we did it in about four hours (this was after going to the Little Mermaid). We returned to the Tivoli area on our way home to Nyhavn and did some shopping, then ate dinner back in Nyhavn. We walked past the Copenhagen Opera House after dinner and then walked down the Canal one final time. Before we knew it, it was ten o’clock, and we had to return to our apartment and start packing. I had a wonderful stay in Copenhagen and really enjoyed my time here in the city, but I’m so excited for tomorrow.

































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